Sarah the crab (sarah_the_crab) wrote in hikkilovers,
Sarah the crab

Utada Hikaru CDs & Posters available for direct sale

• Addicted to You (2 available) 4 USD
• For You / Time Limit 5 USD
• Automatic 12cm 6 USD

• Colors 10 USD
• Sakura Drops 10 USD
• Heart Station 10 USD
• Can You Keep a Secret 10 USD
• Keep Tryin' 10 USD
• Beautiful World / Kiss&Cry 10 USD
*These are all sealed new.

• Be My Last 5 USD
• Passion 5 USD
• Boku wa Kuma (limited edition c/w book) 10 USD
• Passion CD+DVD 15 USD

• Deep River 15 USD
• Heart Station 20 USD

• Distance (1st pressing) 20 USD
• Deep River (1st pressing) 20 USD
• Ultra Blue 25 USD
• Precious 10 USD
• UH2 12 USD

• This is the One (US version) 12 USD
• Exodus '04 6 USD
• Devil Inside 6 USD
• Easy Breezy 5 USD

• Colors 30 USD

• Sakura Drops 25 USD

• Hikari 25 USD

• Colors type-2 25 USD

• Heart Station 10 USD

Shipping is from the US only.
I prefer paypal.
Feel free to haggle with prices/discounts.
Just comment if interested.
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I'm interested in Precious... how much is for shipping?
Depends on your location. For US shipping it'll be 2 USD.
Ah, forgot to mention I was in the US... whoops

Anyway, is it okay if I put a "hold" on it till next week as that is when I'll be getting some funds into my Paypal account? I should be able to send it to you by the 8th or 9th. I'll PM you for your email later on, if it's all okay :)
Ugh! Your comment went into my bulk folder. >__>

Were you still interested in Precious?
Ah, okay :)

I didn't follow up because you hadn't replied, I thought maybe you didn't agree... ^_^

Anyway, I'm still interested in it, should I just PM you my email, so you can send me an invoice or ... ?
I'm interested in getting the Devil Inside CD, how much for shipping to Australia? :3
Were you still interested in the Devil inside CD?
I'm interested in the Sakura Drops Poster. Would you take an offer of $22 for the poster?
I'm located in the US, zip code 92122 btw.
Well it would be 3 USD for shipping so 25 USD shipped as opposed to 28 USD shipped works for me. Just post your paypal email and I'll send you an invoice.
I am particularly interested in the Sakura Drops one but any others still available for sale?
Wow, that's great news!!! I was thinking I wouldn't have much chances with the Sakura Drops one.

Anyway, I am from the UK, so how much do you reckon the shipping fee would be? I am wondering if you could sell it at 20 USD including the shipping fee >_<..

Btw just out of curiosity, where did u get the picture for your avatar! Is that Hikki??
At the moment I'm very hesitant to ship outside the US. Recently I've lost several packages while shipping overseas and at the moment I really can't afford to loose any more merchandise/money than I have. I'm really very sorry. D:

My icon was made by keloid_graphics. It was a photoshoot in a magazine a few years ago if I remember correctly.
Ah I see, don't worry I understand your concerns. Just wondering then which part of US do you stay? I have some friends around US and I could ask them hold them for me until I meet them again.

Gosh, those photos are pretty interesting and rare to see XD
by any chance do you still have these posters? I'm interested in the HIkari one and maybe one other. Let me know thanks!
Yes, I do. Just let me know which ones you want and where you are located. Thanks!
will you take 40 for the hikari and color-2 one?
without shipping? Sure, I'll do that. Just post your location and paypal email and I'll send you an invoice.
will you take 40 for the hikari and color-2 one?
I haven't heard back from you. I'll take 40 without shipping for the hikari and colors poster. Just let me know your location and paypal email so I can invoice you.
I just joined today, and I love Hikki! I hope I'm not too late, but I was wondering if you still had the Hikari poster? If so, how about $22 plus whatever the shipping costs you?
If you don't have the HIkari poster, which other posters do you still have? And if you don't mind my asking, how do you ship the posters? In a tube hopefully? I live in Virginia Beach. Thanks for your time. :)